What your child needs.

Club Singlet

Athletes must wear club uniform when they compete at InterClub competitions and Colgate Games, they are also encouraged to wear the uniform on club nights.

Singlet’s can be purchased from our uniform supplier, NZ Uniforms. They will be attending our briefing night and first club night with our club merchandise.

Here is how you can obtain one.

  • Visit the NZ Uniforms store at 92 High St, Lower Hutt, try your size and purchase in-store. In addition to Monday to Friday store hours, the store is open 9am to 1pm Saturdays.
  • Phone the NZ Uniforms 0800 number, 0800 698 643, select Wellington store and order on the phone. Your singlet can be delivered for an additional charge of $7.50.
  • Go to the online store to order your size and make payment:

Click Here

Plain Black Shorts

Plain black shorts must be worn, with no printing (unofficial brand markings). Black “Skins’-type garments can be worn, but must conform to Athletics NZ guidance on sponsorship and must not go below the knee.


Sports shoes must be worn for Discuss and Shot Put.

Spikes can only be worn by athletes in grade 10 and up, for running and jumping events.

Age Flash

Children taking part in an interclub event will be issued with a Colgate Age “flash” – a vinyl patch with the athlete’s grade on it. You will need to add the child’s first and last name as well as their reference number to the front of the tag. These must be worn by athletes in all competitive events. In some cases, particularly championship events and Colgate Games, failure to wear their flash will mean the athlete is unable to compete.

Age Flash’s can be picked up at the first Interclub from the glass greenroom by the main entry of Newtown Athletics Park. Look for one of the committee members who will be wearing a red Lower Hutt Athletics jacket or hoody. If you miss the first interclub, you can get an age tag club nights.

Safety Pins

Two (or four) safety pins are required to pin the Age Flash to the singlet. It needs to be on the front in the middle underneath the Lower Hutt logo.