Our Netball Club is proud of the amazing natural talent that is bestowed upon us each season with new talent coming in as much as great talent departing our courts.

YEAR 5 & 6

Our Year 5&6 Club Teams actively participate in a Competitive environment delivered by our Competition provider. Through this platform our Junior Netball Players are provided with some valued learning in this space & also showcase their increased skill comprehension through our established Junior Netball Programme.


Our Intermediate platform of learning showcases potential talent of upcoming players from our Junior Programme grades. In this space, we build more competitive characteristics that are underpinned by equal opportunities to all involved.


Each Season our College grade grows with great strength and talent base that either has grown through our Club systems or have been fortunate to bare witness to previous teams in this space. Through this platform our Premiere Team has filtered various College players who have been fortunate to start their journeys in the elite level of netball.