Ramon Tupe

The Key Role of the Secretary:

* Promotes, Administers, Supports & Delivers the Clubs Seasonal Plan to the Community.

* Deliver Informative Seasonal Information - via digital & Workshops to ensure all participants are well-informed.

* Support & Provide a procedure for Club Events accessible to all membership.

* Create Digital Services that reflect the Clubs Intentions & support services available using online platforms.

* Communicate effective information to all membership ensuring a timely & adequate time-frame can be managed.

* Uphold the Integrity of all Club Code of Conduct in both Club & Team capacities.

* Be Relatable to the community in which you service.

* Be a person from the Community.

We require all our membership to ensure that any queries or support services required to ensure you make contact with our secretary where he will be able to direct the right services required for your queries.


Cheryl Witana

The Key Role to our Treasurer Role are:

* Upholds & Enforces the Club Procedures / Programmes as outlined by the Executive Board.

* To ensure the sustainability financially of the Netball Club and its Assests.

* Key Detailed information on Financial Records of Club Expenses etc.

* Outlines key dates of financial payments for all Player Fees, Merchandise & any other expenses for user-pay.

* Sets a Budget for the Netball Season - Inclusive, Coaching, Umpiring, Courts, Gear, Uniforms etc.

* Is Responsible for all FACILITY HIREAGE - Clubrooms, Netball Courts.

The Treasurer Role is a key part of our Club operations each season. The Role requires an indiviual to be honest, accountable & clear & precise on factual information that follows procedures of the Club - Code of Conduct.

We appreciate our current Treasurer that helps keep costs as minimal for all involved.