Open Free Choice Grade

The emphasis for this grade is recreational participation.

There is no set format.

Teams may: 

  • Choose to use drills and movements from the Technical Drills documents
  • Use a routine entirely of their own choice
  • Use a sample movements plan from Section 14

Teams may perform any number of Discs starting at Disc No 1 and going as far as they wish to on any one March. May enter Technical Drill or Display, or both.

Any routine should be no longer than six minutes.

Interchange of members may take place at any stage

Teams will not be judged but a Comment Sheet will be available if requested. Teams will need to make a request for comments sheets to the Secretary of the Day prior to the commencement of the Competition.

There will be no discs specifically for the Open Free Choice Grade. Teams will need to inform the Secretary of the Day as to their “Starting Point”.


Sample display formations can be used as detailed under Section 8 for the Introductory grade.


Uniform and Smart. Uniform in appearance within the standards of modesty and dignity