Tournament and AIMS Games Team Selection Criteria

1. The Purpose of this Selection Policy

This policy outlines the Marist College tournament and AIMS Games team selection process for the Secondary Schools Tournament week and the AIMS Games held in Term 3 each year.

2. Application of this selection Policy

This policy will take effect from June 30th 2021.

3. Selection Panel

3.1 Two panels will be appointed to select players from each appropriate year level.

3.2 The selection panels will be approved by the school principal, and Marist College Sport.

3.3 The two panels are comprised of;
- Relevant coaches and managers taking the team during the season, and if able to, during the tournament and AIMS Games week. Their role is to select a team which is best fit for this selection criteria.
- The College’s SLT for approval regarding attendance statistics for the year to date, and assessment standards are maintained, and the student displays actions aligning with Marist College values.

3.4 Marist College Sport have endeavored to make the tournament and AIMS Games team selection criteria as transparent as possible, only in extreme circumstances will all panels meet to discuss the outcome of a player selection.

3.5 The selection panel is not required to justify a selection or non-selection, based on this selection criteria and whether a student-athlete meets this criteria.

4. Player Selection

4.1. A player will be selected based on the coach's discretion. This means it is up to the coach of the travelling team to decide on players they wish to take.

4.1.1. The coach has the responsibility of selecting the best team to compete at the tournament or AIMS Games. These students must meet the ‘Student Responsibility’ section of the criteria.

4.1.2. The Tournament week team selection will be open to the top team of the sport, with the exception of invited students based on the coaches discretion.

4.2. The AIMS Games team selection is open to year 7 and 8 students currently enrolled at Marist College, however student-athletes are invited to the teams training by the coaches for observation and review before potential selection to attend the AIMS Games with the top year 8 team of the sporting code.

4.3. Students seeking eligibility for selection of a tournament team or AIMS Games team must be playing regularly for the College’s team through the normal sporting season across any year level eg. If they are playing in a Senior team for College such as Year 9 team, they are available to be selected for an AIMS team. 

4.3.1. Regularly can be defined as attending all trainings and attending at least 70%, or through a negotiated conclusion with the team coach, of the season games.

5. Student Responsibility

5.1. Students selected for a tournament week or AIMS Games team travelling to the competition must meet the below responsibilities.

5.1.1. The student displays and upholds Marist College value in their schooling activity. This display should be highlighted throughout training and game times for the sporting season, and also reflect through their actions both during school, and outside of school. Students need to understand it is a privilege to be in a travelling team for sport and must represent the school and its reputation.

5.1.2. Students are required to maintain personal fitness and performance standards to ensure their own safety during training and games. This is so the student will not cause potential injury to themselves, and will maintain a high level standard required to meet the team’s needs.

5.2. Students are required to keep up with school work to the best of their ability. The standard will be what is set through the curriculum, and by the students’ subject teachers. This will be communicated with the student’s dean, and will be discussed with relevant staff and students’ parents in rare instances.

5.3. Students are required to sign the team expectation and responsibilities contract prior to the start of the week of travel, understanding breach of this agreement will result in being sent home, and if needed to, further disciplinary action.

5.4. Students who repeatedly drop out of sport e.g. student-athlete Lullaby joins Marist Football team then players for three weeks, leaves the team and joins another sport team forfeit their chances to play in Tournament or AIMS.