Y1-6 HOCKEY 2022

Hockey will be run by two of our senior students at lunchtime during the week.

This has been a huge success in the past with a number of Year 3 - 6 girls really improving throughout the year. 

From 2022, Marsden would like to enter a year 1&2 3&4 and 5&6 Competition. The decision will be made at the end of the registration period.


Years 1 - 6


Skills- Terms 1 and 4​​​​​​​ - Years 1 - 6 

Year 5&6 Competition- Terms 2 and 3 

Year 3&4 Competition- Terms 2 and 3 

Year 1&2 Competition- Terms 2 and 3 




​​​​​​​Training sessions one lunchtime per week (the day will be based on the availability of girls and coaches)

Thursday Lunchtimes starting 17th Feb 


​​​​​​​PE Uniform, sports shoes, and a mouthguard