Y8-13 ROWING 2021/22



Years 8 - 13


1st November - 14th March - 2021/22 Season


$3,995 - 2021/ 22 Season

This fee includes Wellington Rowing Club subs, coaching, repairs and maintenance costs, training camp and regattas ( approx. 20 days). 

There are extra costs associated if students make MAADI, or if students fly to regattas that are out of Wellington.

The Samuel Marsden Rowing Committe will invoice you for the cost above ( NOT the school)


Novices (first year rowers) train 3/4 times a week

Juniors (second year rowers) train 4/5 times a week

Seniors (third year and above) train 5/6 times per week

All crew training will be a mixture of land training (based at school, and the Wellington Rowing Club), and water training (weather dependent). 


It is expected that parents/caregivers attend at least 1 camp or regatta per season. This is to help to prepare food for the girls, and to be general help.


Marsden Rowing Zootie or Wellington Rowing Club Singlet for regattas. Comfortable fitted sports gear for training.


Our Novice Programme approach is based on the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programme. The LTAD programme was developed in Canada in the late '90s and aims to: 

  • Improve health and fitness, 
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Develop confidence and competence of all youth

The Senior Programme is also based on the LTAD programme while focusing on building technical skills, core strength, and aerobic capacity. Through our philosophy we will:

  • Foster independent thinking through Q and A's and one to one sessions
  • Build resilience through having a commitment and consistency to training
  • Instill the importance of community involvement through being part of a rowing community and being part of a club with other schools

Both programmes are aimed at fostering a healthy and competitive sporting environment but also teaching students valuable life skills such as organisation, teamwork, and commitment! Our wonderful coaches have developed a strong competitive squad of rowers.  ​​​​​​​