Learning to Umpire Module

NNZ has a Learning to Umpire Module for New Umpires and Player Umpires which replaces the Netball New Zealand Centre Theory test. This module is the first step towards the Centre Umpire Award or a pre-requisite for some Centres for Player Umpires, including Mid Canterbury.

The Module helps New and Player Umpires understand some of the rules of netball as well as some practical techniques to enhance their umpiring.

This module requires registering, and can be found here; please go to 'sit an exam'.

If you are completing this as you're part of a team where you'll be required to umpire this season, you will need to then provide a copy of your certificate to your coach/club to then pass this on to Mid Canterbury Netball.


Mid Canterbury Player Umpires

All players from Premier down to Senior have to umpire if required. Therefore all players in these grades are required to complete the NNZ online learning module prior to playing their first game. They will be required to provide proof of this to the Mid Canterbury Netball (MCN) Administrator.​​​​​​​

Test Preparation

Players are advised to read the INF Rule Book prior to taking the test as there is a limit to the number of attempts allowed.

Clubs are reminded they MUST advise the Mid Canterbury Netball Centre manager if a player umpire has changed with someone else otherwise the one listed on the draw will be the one penalised if they don't turn up.  It is recommended each Club appoint an Umpire Liaison who is the person players go to if they are unable to umpire the game allocated. The liaison will be familiar with all requirements of umpire appointments (e.g. the replacement must be capable of umpiring the same level) and assist with finding a suitable replacement before advising the Centre manager or office.