Mid Central Rugby League
"to develop a vibrant and growing rugby league community in the Mid Central Zone"

As a Zone we have identified the key to developing rugby league within our communities is to start at a grassroots level. It is here that we can develop positive pathways for our junior and youth grades whilst ensuring player welfare is paramount every step of the way.

We aim to establish sustainable, professional competitions and programmes, which enable local communities to thrive, whilst encouraging positive development both on and off the field.

With our great MCZ team we will ensure the delivery of our competitions and programmes are of the highest standard.

Upskilling our match officials and team officials i.e coaches, managers and trainers in the Zone, as well as recruiting new members, is an integral part in the development of our rugby league communities. Without our volunteers and match officials, our plans of development would not happen. The Mid Central Zone aim to educate our game officials, offering numerous courses throughout the year, so that we can provide the highest quality of human resources to all our communities, thus ensuring the competitions and programs we facilitate are of the highest standard.

Watch this space for regular updates on what’s happening in your District and Zone this season.

There is a huge focus on grass root development from a National level, and we plan to lead the way by developing pathways for not just our younger male players but also for our female participants as well.