Metro is an established softball club based at Phyllis Reserve in Mount Albert. 
With grades in both social and competition, we have teams to suit every age and playing ability from ! We're a fun, family friendly softball club that encourages inclusiveness and advancement. Our doors are open to players and supporters of all ages who enjoy being active on the park and in their community.

​​​​​​​                                                METRO ORIGINS                                                     
In 1957, softball joined forces with football at Metro College Sports Club when a couple of the winter code members asked to bring their favoured summer sport into the club. Today, Metro Softball is a proud subdivision of what is now known as The Metro Mt. Albert Sports Club.

                                    2024 CLUB COMMITTEE                                       
The Metro Mt Albert Softball committee is voted in annually and oversee the club's summer sport operation. The elected Club committee members for the season are:

CLUB CHAIRMAN: Jason Langlois       |       CLUB PRESIDENT: Aimee Russell 
COMMITTEE: Breanna Gibson, Brett Wright, Cassie Keene, Chris Robbins, Daniel Hall, Daniel Neal,​​​​​​​Gary Wigg, Tarsha Raina-Nash, Tania Sampson and Vanessa Robbins.

 Metro Softball is affiliated to the Auckland Softball Association (ASA) which aligns us to       Softball New Zealand (SNZ). Auckland Softball Association represent the interests of softball in Auckland and administers the leagues in which we participate, with our Code of Conduct alligning with Softball New Zealand. 

                                               NOT FOR PROFIT                                                    
Metro Softball is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely with the support of volunteers.
Fees collected under our transparent system are set at levels to cover basic sport costs only.  A small portion of the fee aligns us to The Metro Mt. Albert Sports Club and stays in the club for administration and operational costs. The majority of the collected fee goes directly to the Auckland Softball Association for costs associated with playing organised softball in Auckland, with any additional fees being utilised to either sponsor players otherwise unable to afford to play the sport, or reinvested in young talent. 
Fundraising and donations cover all other expenses.