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1. Next Club Night (March 1st) - something different .... see 3. below. You might like to bring along for the 'display table' something MG that you value for its interest.

2. Centennial Events (April 5th and 7th) - see 7. and 8. below.

Buffet dinner, decorations, a band (and dance if interested), fun ...

Sunday drive - picnic, all cars displayed by period, ....

And for both events you are encouraged (but not required!) to come attired in the era of your car.

3. Some members have forgotten to pay the $10 for their 2024 calendar. If in doubt please check bank statements from October ... avoid the quiet tap on the shoulder. Thanks.



- see below ....



Coming deadlines are highlighted


1. SUNSET RUN - Sun. 25th Feb.

We meet at about 7pm at the Scenic Lookout located on SH73 (Main West Coast Rd) just after the bend known as Aylesbury Corner between West Melton and Kirwee.

From Cashmere, Lincoln, Hornby etc. go via Hoskyns Road in Rolleston (lights at SH1). Just turn left when you get to SH73.

The Lookout is off a 100kph State Highway - take care when turning into venue! Plenty of room for parking.

As the Lookout is exposed bring a jacket and hat - just in case. Also refreshments/nibbles, chairs and a camera.

Lance Faulkner 03 358 5425, 021 029 00461

Terry Faulkner 021 168 4850

2. CLUB NIGHT - Fri. 1st Mar.

RIchmond Club 7p.m. - meal 7.30pm

If you have one or two smaller items of an MG nature that interest you bring it/them along to this club night and add to one of the 'display tables'. Models, history, intrigue, colour, difference ... who knows what will appear! One or two members might be asked a little about their contribution.

We do not expect you to bring something - but in this centennial year we'd be keen for our enthusiast collectors and others to share! Yes, you do take your item(s) home.

3.  NELSON RUN - Sun. 3rd Mar.

to Park Café at Marahau

See emails -

4. MMM RUN - Wed. 20th Mar.

A relaxed drive to a picnic spot, sometimes visiting a place of interest.  BYO lunch or pick up en route  Check website/emails for any changes, or contact organiser.

Details to follow.

Ted and Barbara Clarke

5. TRACK DAY at LEVELS (Timaru)  - Sat. 23rd Mar.

For some it is an MG weekend together in Timaru; for others a great day trip to the track. Details to follow.

To help with planning - if you did not put your name on the list on Club Night please just email or phone Bob if you are considering being there or 03 348 5425. 021 0871 8057 .

Bob McIntosh 03 384 5425, 021 0871 8057


- Richmond Club - Fri. 5th Apr. (usual Club Night)

Special evening with a buffet meal, music, decorations - and for those keen, dancing to the band. Not essential - but you might like to dress in the era of your car.

More details to follow.

7. MG CENTENNIAL RUN - Sun. 7th Apr.

incl. Cecil Kimber Run (b: 12.4.1888)

A day trip and picnic with a bit of MG history en route. Cars will be displayed at the picnic area (possibly Ashley Gorge) by model/age. Again, not essential - but you might enjoy dressing in the era of your car.

More details to follow.

8. MMM RUN - Wed. 17th Apr.

Details to follow.

Lance Faulkner

9. CLUB NIGHT - Fri. 3rd May

RIchmond Club 7p.m. - meal 7.30pm

10. MMM RUN - Wed. 15th May

Details to follow.

Leonid Itskovich, Warwick Prothero

11. KING'S BIRTHDAY - Mon. 3rd June

Details to follow.

12. CLUB NIGHT - Fri. 7th June

RIchmond Club 7p.m. - meal 7.30pm

13. MMM RUN - Wed. 19th Jume

Details to follow.

14. MG TRIAL - Sun. 30th June

Details to follow.

15. CLUB NIGHT - Fri. 5th July

RIchmond Club 7p.m. - meal 7.30pm

Rocker Box Racing


MEMBERS ADS & MG regalia

- see 'Classified Ads' above and in MaG

Currently 'For Sale' include  -   1954 MG TF 1250, 1972 MGBGT, 1969 MGB Roadster, Ancient AA Badges

Wanted - Set of Whitworth sockets



The MG Car Club Canterbury Centre has its roots in the original 'MG Car Club of New Zealand', formed in 1952 when many of the country's motorsport enthusiasts drove our favourite marque in the shape of TCs, TAs, Ps and Js.

From those early beginnings the NZ Club has devolved into four major Centres, two in the North Island and two in the South.  Each of these Centres is autonomous, organising competitive and social events for members within its regions. Like the 'Crusaders' our region includes Nelson, Marlborough and the West Coast as well as Canterbury. There are also a range of inter-Centre and national activities you are able to enjoy.  And of course, if you are visiting another region you will be most welcome to participate in any of their events, competitive or social.

Like most MG Clubs around the world we are affiliated to the MGCC UK ensuring access to badging, logos and so on.  We also maintain regular contact with a number of Centres in NZ, Australia, the US and the UK to help ensure we offer the best possible benefits and MG enjoyment for all of our members.​

For more detail of what we do, please visit the 'About Us' section.

You'll see our most recent News items below the Slide Show of our current Sponsors .



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Our Club Librarian, Judith Schroder, has catalogued our collection on line. Click Here to see the current list.

You can get in touch with Judith to request, or offer, books through our CONTACTS link in the Menu at the top of this page.

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