Our junior club night programme is based on the "Run, Jump, Throw" concept.  Athletes will get to do at least one running, jumping and throwing event at Club night.

Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing ie the club singlet, black shorts and appropriate running shoes.

Remember to bring along a drink bottle for your child that has their name clearly marked on it.

Parents are expected to remain at grounds for the duration of Club night.  Parents will also be asked to assist so that our young athletes can benefit from coaching etc.

We will be running a sausage sizzle each Monday  as fundraising for our club.  Again, parent help will be essential.

Age flashes must be worn at both club nights and interclubs.  These will be handed out to athletes on payment of registration.

Additional athletic coaching is provided for senior athletes 15 years and over who compete at Newtown Park on Saturday's.  Contact our Athletic Coach/Club Captain, Hiko Davies on his mbl 027 467 6671 for further information.