Student Leadership

At Mount Maunganui College we place great importance on providing opportunities for student leadership. We encourage a wide range of leadership opportunities at each year level. Leadership roles develop confidence and independence and allow students to take on a full role in society later in their lives.

At Mount Maunganui College we have vertical councils (Years 9-13) that represent the interests of students, our community, the arts and sport. Elected Student Leaders run each of the councils.

The Year 13 students who run the councils co-ordinate a wide range of activities for students and also have an important role in running assemblies and special awards evenings. Through their committees, they canvas a wide range of student opinion that is fed back to the senior management of the college for consideration in decision making.

Mount Maunganui College recognises the very important role students play in their leadership capacity. These students have a high profile and key role in the management of a wide range of student activities.

​​​​​​​Mount Maunganui College Councils:

  • Student Council
  • Student Executive 
  • Sports Council 
  • Community Service Council
  • Arts Council 
  • Kaupapa Maori Council