The Committee would like to welcome all families to the 2023/2024 season, we hope you will enjoy the club activities.

We operate the Run, Jump, Throw programme for tamariki from 5 to 14 years old. We also have a short programme to cater for tiny tots up to 4 years old.

Our first club night of the year is Tuesday 10th October.  Registrations open soon.

Club nights are every Tuesday starting at 5.45pm.
We operate from the Morrinsville College grounds.

If club nights are cancelled due to weather a notice will be posted via our Facebook page at approx 5pm: Morrinsville Amateur Athletics Club.

Please note that parents / caregivers must attend all club nights / champs nights and provide supervision for their children.  Coaches are not responsible for athletes’ safety. Morrinsville Athletic Club cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury.

Champs events must be entered on the scheduled nights, we will not run extra events for athletes who cannot attend champs nights.

Our Club is run by parents for the benefit of our children so that they can participate in athletics locally. In order to do so effectively, it is essential that we have help with club activities. You may be asked to assist on club nights, please do so as it makes the night more enjoyable for all.

Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to lead age groups and teach the basics of running, throwing and jumping for this season. We are still in need of more help.

If you are interested in helping coach please email

This is an Amateur Athletics Club run by parents. If you have any concerns about how the club’s activities are run please email the committee at  New ideas and help are always welcome and appreciated.