What does the Game Day App do?

Use it to:

  • Create Team Sheets from your squad of eligible players prior to each game
  • Score games
  • Submit results

When a 'home' team scores through the App, live scores will be displayed wherever the results are published on websites that display the Sporty draws widget.

​​​​​​​How do I use it?

1. Register yourself with your own club first

Anyone who wants to use the App to score games must firstly register on the official NZRL Coach/Manager/Volunteer Registration form that has been provided for every league club in New Zealand. Once you've registered, your club administrator can see your record in their TeamBuilder view, so can add you to your team(s) and turn you on to get a Scorer login. When they do this, you'll automatically receive an email that lets you set your own password that you can then use to login to the Officials icon in the App.

2. Download Sporty NZ App

Find and download the Sporty NZ App from the App Store or Google Play.

3. Search for Myrugbyleague

4. Login

Once you have downloaded the Sporty NZ app and set it to 'Myrugbyleague' tap the Officials icon and login. Then follow the instructions in the Scorer's Guide to set team sheets and score games.

How To: Log in

Once you’ve received your confirmation email and set your password you’re ready to get started.

How To: Select a team​​​​​​​

As a team manager, you can use the App to build and submit your teamsheet electronically.​​​​​​​

How To: Score a game

Once the teamsheet has been submitted you can start scoring the game.