Inline Hockey to the uninitiated is like “ice-hockey on inline skates (rollerblades)”, it is fast, exciting and a great way to get involved in a team sport and stay healthy!

We are based in sunny Napier and provide Inline Hockey across the Hawkes Bay region where we have been around since the early days of Inline Hockey in New Zealand. 

Our club has had some great success in the past having had teams compete at, and win national championships and individual players go on to represent at regional and national levels.

Whilst times have been tough for us in recent years, we are rebuilding our club and would love to have you come and be apart of it! whether it is to play, give it a try, or just to have a look.

We currently practice at Bay Skate up on the Marine Parade in Napier on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. We offer Inline Hockey across all age groups and skill levels. Equipment? We've got you covered! and have gear available for you to use!

Feel free to get in contact if you would like more info or come on down to check us out!

We look forward to seeing from you there!