• The Club burgee is a swallow-tailed navy-blue flag with two stylised sails, one yellow, and one white.
  • The Commodore’s flag shall be a rectangular flag of similar device to the burgee, the Vice-Commodore’s is similar to the Commodore’s with one yellow ball in the upper left corner.
  • The Secretary’s flag is like the Commodore’s with a yellow five-pointed star in the lower left corner.  These are personal flags and shall be flown only while in office.
  • The Past Commodore’s flag is like the Commodore’s with one yellow Maltese cross in the upper left corner. The burgee or an officer’s flag is worn from the main masthead, preferably above the truck or as close as possible to the truck. In small power craft without a mast, it may be worn at a small staff right in the bow of the vessel.