Naval Point Club is keen to support members who cruise locally or further a-field. The Club sailing programme has days designated for Cruising and raft ups. Watch the weekly newsletter for information on the current cruising programme.

Please refer visiting yacht skippers to the Club office, phone 328 7029 for a warm welcome on behalf of the Club.

The “Little Ship Club of Canterbury” is a group of current, former and future cruisers who gather on a regular basis to discuss articles of interest, listen to guest speakers and organise events connected with our common involvement with the sea and those who sail on it.

For just an additional $20 on top of your Naval Point sub you can enjoy:

• Membership in a unique historic and prestigious organisation.
• Members only outings, some of which will give members access to otherwise closed venues.
• Access and the right to borrow books from our extensive nautical library.
• The opportunity to purchase club caps ($20) and club burgees ($55).
• The opportunity to make new friends with others who share our interests.
• Access to the vast repository of technical and maritime knowledge held by our members.
• Visits to member’s crafts and opportunities to sail in them and see how they are organised.
• Regular informative newsletters
• Social interaction with like-minded, fellow enthusiasts

Events are mostly held at 7.30pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month and usually take place in the wardroom at Naval Point Club. Check out the calendar of events on Facebook to see what we are up to!