The Haulout Area is available to all members and is provided as a community service to non-members, as it is the only dedicated all-tide facility in the greater Christchurch region. Any surplus from haulout operations is used to support youth and junior development. No vessel shall be moved into or out of the Haulout Area without the agreement of NPCL management.

For your reference, the  Haulout Area can accommodate vessels with a maximum length of 12m (39.4 feet) and a maximum weight of 10 tons. Please ensure your vessel meets these requirements before planning a haulout. 

Charges & Bookings

Inquiries and bookings for haulout, launching, cradle hire, and ground hire can be made through the Haulout Supervisor here https://form.jotform.com/212006959779064

The yard is available for a maximum of three weeks. An extended stay is solely at  NPCL management's discretion, depending on cradle demand.  Haulouts happen between the hours of 9am-5pm.

Prior to a haulout all persons working on a vessel (DIY) will be required to undertake an induction into the haulout and be familiar with the NPCL HAULOUT SAFETY POLICY & GUIDELINES. Contractors working on boats within the haulout must be approved by Naval Point Club Lyttelton and will be placed on the Approved Contractors List. Approved contractors will have to complete an initial induction and annual review, including the presentation of all relevant licences and insurances. All electrical equipment on site must be tested and tagged by an authorised electrician.

Current Haulout Fees 

All charges are inclusive of GST.

Haulout fee includes haulout and relaunch plus one move within the yard (from wash-down area to working area) and  is payable in advance of haulout. 

Additional Charges

Environmental Fee - $90 per vessel

#Water Blaster - $40 (first 1/2 hour)  + $30 per 15 minutes thereafter

Solid Waste Removal - $150 per ton

Site Cleanup - $125 per hour

Mast Storage - $10 per day

Labour - $110 per hour

#Water Blaster fee is for self use of Water Blaster. Due to the CCC set-up of the waste water removal personal water blasters are not permitted on site.

Equipment Hire Charges

Ladder (for access to vessels only) - $10 per day

Movable Platform (for working on topsides) - $20 per day

Vacuum Sander (includes 10 discs) - $40 per dayBlocks - $2 per day

Strops - $5 per dayStrops - $5 per day

Length (up to)


Hardstand - Per Day



Member (1st 21 days)

Member (22 + days)

Non-Member (1st 21 days)

Non- Member (22 + days)

9 m







10 m







11 m







12 m