The Game For All

Tāhuna Adults Thursday

Welcome to Tāhuna Touch. We're looking forward to another season of Touch at perhaps the best venue in NZ with beach, bars and bites all within long pass range.

Important changes for 2021/22

  • We're splitting the competition into 2 x 8 week seasons. This will make it easier for new teams to get into touch with a lower cost and time commitment.
  • New rules! Get familiar with them before you find yourself offside.
  • New Referees! They're awesome, necessary and possibly you. Experienced teams will be expected to ref up for one round this season. Click the link to find out more.
  • Uniforms: matching tops and closed toe shoes must be worn.
  • Games must start on time with a minimum of 4 players, otherwise forfeit may occur.
  • Mixed is maximum 3 males, minimum of 1.

Spring Touch 2021 - 8 weeks Oct-Dec $200 - REGISTER

8 weeks of Touch to introduce the new or warm up the experienced. With our Corporate grade for work teams that want to have a go, Mixed and Mens Social and Competitive grades. Taps off Oct 19 with minor finals Thu 9 Dec. Fees must be paid by 31 Oct.

Tāhuna Touch 2021/22 - 16 weeks Oct-Mar $350 - REGISTER

Committed to the whole season? Pay just $350 for 16 weeks. Mixed and Mens 1/2/3 grades. From Oct 17 - Dec 9 then from Jan 12 - Mar 3 with Finals Sat 5 Mar. Fees must be paid by 31 Oct.

Summer Touch 2022 - 8 weeks Jan-Mar $200 - Registrations will open Dec

Loved it and want more? Didn't get organised in time? Grab some friends and get 8 sun-soaked weeks of Touch to round out the season. From Jan 12 - Mar 3 with Finals Sat 5 Mar. Registrations will open Dec 2021.

Payments to Westpac 03-0703-0475889-00

  • Make cheques payable to Nelson Touch Association: PO Box 3175 Richmond 7050.
  • Invoice/Receipt produced upon request to

No pay no play: The funds from your fees go to pay for the grounds, referees and helping to get Nelson Bays Representative Teams to National Tournaments.

Mixed Teams

For a valid mixed game there is a minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 males on the field at any one time. Therefore if your team has only one female, you will have 4 players on the field. If the opposition and referee agree you may play more males but will forfeit the game.

Starting Times

Games must start on time with a minimum of 4 players/side. If a side is not ready at the starting hooter, the ref can add a touchdown to the ready side at a rate of 1 per minute, until the games starts or is forfeited.


Matching, numbered tops must be worn, preferably with matching or black shorts. The ref may add a touchdown to the non-offending side if your team is not in uniform at the start of the game.


Please contact us via the facebook draw post or messenger if you can not field a team on a particular day, as soon as is possible, but before 3pm so we can post on the page or make arrangements for a replacement team. Failure to do so will make me very cross. Don't be that team.


Council only close the grounds if there is danger to people, or to their grounds, ie. after sustained rain. We will make a call by 4pm on the day and post this to the facebook page. Please make sure you and your players are following the page to get updates.


Referees are human, they make mistakes, rarely, but their decisions are final. Please respect their rulings.

Players are human, they are here to enjoy themselves. If you find you are no longer doing that, please take a deep breath and remember this is meant to be fun for everyone. Read the AWHI promise.

If there are any serious issues, please find Module Coordinator Glen at the time or contact us via facebook or email.