COVID Update - 20 April 2022

As at 20th April 2022, there are no restrictions to entry to the Netball Hutt Valley Taita Courts venue,  visitors are encrouraged to ​​​​​​​wear a face mask which should remain in place unless playing or umpiring.

NHV events taking place at Walter Nash Centre (WNC) must comply with their entry requirements, these require a facemask to be worn unless playing or umpiring.

The NHV Covid Heath and Safety plan is  attached here.

The Covid-19 Omicron variant is prevalent in New Zealand and in particular with the young population. It is vital we support our Netball Players’ transition from Omicron to Play (OTP) safely. Omicron to Play is very individual, cannot be rushed, and is a process. Covid-19 Care provides a framework to help guide and support the coach, whanau and the participant transition from Omicron to Play. You can find the framework here.

Thank you for your continued cooperation to help us deliver our programmes and ensure our community can enjoy their netball at our courts.   If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Centre Manager,

Please stay safe and be kind.