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Tommy Talks Tactix [Tommy Lamb is the Tactix Campaign Manager]

The 2024 season has kicked off to a flying start with the Trident Homes Tactix assembling on Monday eager and ready to get stuck in. 

All the players have come in with great enthusiasm and readiness after a well-deserved off-season.  Day one saw a number of set-up sessions and of course fitness testing and baseline metrics. 

Coach Marianne was joined by Assistant Te Huinga Reo Selby-Rickit and with the leadership group, refreshed and reflected on the team values and processes to lay the groundwork for the year ahead. 

Mark Drury, head of our S&C programme took charge with the fitness and metric testing and while not perhaps the favourite activity of all the players they recognise how important it is to know and understand where they are at physically and what to work on. But the yo-yo results reflected the hard work that all the players have done in the off-season….so looking good!

The whole group including the support staff were taken through DOTS to better understand the communication and operating styles of each other which is already bringing benefit.

We are off to Hanmer Springs for our first camp next week where will continue looking into our core values and what makes us tick here at the Tactix. We will then be off to Nelson in the following weeks to delve into our on court strategic direction for the season. Another great opportunity to be on the road around our beautiful region. 

This year Paladin and I took a different approach to the 2024 uniforms with some exciting new designs which have been greeted enthusiastically by the players and staff. We think we look pretty sharp! All the kit was here and ready to go for the players on Monday and lots of them commented it was like Christmas again. Keep your eyes peeled to see the alterations to our match attire too – there may be a sneaky addition to the match day line-up. 

Ticket sales are underway and we encourage you to visit the website as there are a number of options for purchasing this year.

The Members day in early April is shaping up to be the best ever and the team are looking forward to meeting new and returning members.

All for now - ka kite ano.

Tommy Lamb

Article added: Monday 29 January 2024


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