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NNZ Zone Watchlist for 2024 - Umpires 

The NNZ Zone Watchlist for 2024 has been announced. The watchlist is a group of umpires who NNZ support over a 3 – 5 year period.  Since 2016, six umpires have “graduated” from the Watchlist into the NNZ National Umpire Squad. 


Mainland successes are as follows: 

2024 Watchlist 


McKynlee Breen* (Netball Mainland) 

Rebecca Reside (Netball Mainland) 

Jamie Smith* (Netball Mainland) 

* new in 2024 



Sue James (Netball Mainland) 

Mainland is also lucky enough to have two of our umpires reappointed to the NNZ National Umpire Squad – Michelle Stagg (Marlborough) and Myron Elkington (Nelson). 

Congratulations to all from Netball Mainland on your selection, we look forward to following your progress and hopefully catching a glimpse of you on the sideline or court at a Synergy Hair Netball League or in the ANZ Championship this season. 

Article added: Monday 29 January 2024


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