Words from the Coach - Coping with Change

Well it has been an interesting start to the year with two season ending injuries to our starting line up. We had made so much progress last year and were hoping to build on this momentum but it has been a rough start. We have had two wins so far and we're hoping for more as the season goes on.

In sport you never know what may happen and it has been an interesting coaching lesson trying to bring in another player in-season and get them up to speed on both what the team is about and the style that you will be playing.

As a coach I try and work to the strengths of what the players have and build the attack structure around it; so it has been an interesting journey putting someone out there in real time and them building their connections while on court.

Our new player Samon Nathan has been amazing. She has fitted in perfectly and is really show casing some great performances. Wing Attack (WA) is not her first position so it has been a learning for her. Samon has all the attributes of a great WA; a great feed, a leader and finds the circle edge really well.

We are into the weekly grind at the moment and although we had started making some good progress, we need to now be more consistent. It feels as if most of the games are very defensive at the moment with a lot of low scoring games.

Temalisi is making good progress and we are hoping she may return for the odd game at the end of the season. As for Erikana, she is due to have her ACL reconstructed fairly soon.

Onwards and upwards!






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