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NNZ Coaching Framework - course content explained

Whether you're a new to the area of coaching, been lending a hand for a while or consider yourself a seasoned veteran - here's your chance to brush up on the types of coaching courses and workshops on offer to help grow your understanding of the great game of netball.

To assist you with picking and choosing what may work for you, check out a brief blurb provided below on each of the accredited courses offered within the NNZ Coach Development Framework (diagram shown to right - remember to start from the bottom and work up!):

Foundation Coach Award (FCA)
Optional introductory level

All courses listed below need to be completed to be eligible for the FCA OR coaches may opt to pick and choose workshops of interest to attend

Junior Co-ordinator Training (1 hour attended in conjunction with either Year 1&2 Star Helper and Year 3&4 Coach Workshop) - This workshop identifies the role of the Junior Co-ordinator in ANZ futureFERNS.  Helps build an understanding of effective communication including questioning, recognising strategies to enhance group management, and identifying when the planned activity needs to beadapted to meet the size and ability of the group or individuals to ensure success.

Year 1&2 Star Helper (1.5 hours) - This workshop develops an understanding of the futureFERNS principles and philosophy, fundamental skills for futureFERNS Year 1 & 2, stage appropriate NetballSmart Dynamic Warm-up, providing positiveand specific feedback, role on court during game time and benefits ofa reflection process.

Year 3&4 Coach Workshop (2 hours) - This workshop develops an understanding of modified 5 v 5 Netball and Game Day implementation, stageappropriate NetballSmart Dynamic Warm-Up, basic Netball skill development, an awareness of skill error correction and the benefitsof a reflection process.

Year 5&6 Coach Workshop (2 hours) - This workshop develops an understanding of the modified Netball game for Year 5 & 6 players, the structureof the practice session, elements of the NetballSmart Dynamic Warm-up, and basicskills and the benefits of including questioning in the skill-learning process.

Year 7&8 Coach Workshop (2.5 hours) - This workshop develops an understanding of the 7-a-side Netball game for Year 7 & 8 players, the elements of the NetballSmart Dynamic Warm-up, basic Netball skills and an ability to identfy coachable moments, experiencing different types of feedback styles and a feel for the effect that each has upon the receiver, cues for when an activity needs to be adapted to meet individual capability, game principles in specifici tactical situations in particular at centre pass, and the purpose and delivery of team talks.

Player Centred Coaching (2 hours) - This workshop develops an understanding of:• what it means to be a player centred coach• how to use the key tools learnt to deliver a quality netball experience• the impact coaches can have on a players motivation, confidence and competence to play sport for life

Compulsory beginner level
All courses listed below need to be completed to obtain CCA 1 OR coaches may opt to pick and choose workshops of interest to attend

Player Centred Coaching (2 hours) - This workshop develops an understanding of:• what it means to be a player centred coach• how to use the key tools learnt to deliver a quality netball experience• the impact coaches can have on a players motivation, confidence and competence to play sport for life

Planning - Session & Season (2 hours) - This module provides coaches with tools and systems for practice and game day planning, season planning, and how to implement evaluation methods and modifications.

Selecting (2.5 hours) - This module examines the role of selectors providing the opportunity to explore the purpose of the selection process, create a selection policy and criteria of your own, learn how to develop player profiles and establish selection procedures and communication/promotion in preparation for trials.

Skills Analysis (2.5 hours) - This module provides an understanding of basic principles and processes of biomechanics for netball movement including how to analyse and identify areas of skill correction with the aim of implementing modifications to enhance performance.

Building Effective Relationships (previously Communication & Managing Others) (1.5 hours) - This module provides coaches and managers with tools and systems for understanding the importance of building effective relationships and effective communication.  Demonstrates the principles of VARK and principles of feedback and questioning so as to figure out how to get the best from your players.

Team Culture (previously Team Building) (2.5 hours) - This module examines how to develop a team culture and the importance of alignment within your team. Establish team values, set SMARTER goals, and ongoing team building, team vision and team themes throughout the season.

Attacking Fundamentals (combines previous Ball Skills and Attack 1) (1.5 hours) - This module reviews the fundamental ball and movement skills along with the ability to pass from the right and left side equally well.  Explores passing and catching elements along with the concept of attack and which skills are required to execute attacking play effectively.

Defence 1 (1.5 hours) - This module has an "attacking defence" focus.  Covers phases of defence, understanding how to intercept a pass or create an intercept while marking one on one and reflect on how players make decisions while on defence.

Shooting (2.5 hours) - This module details the coaching points and sequential steps involved in a successful shot. Learn activities that will assist the development of shooters including skill correction, shooting roles and movement including general attacking options and rebounding.  Gain wider understanding of the GA vs GS positions.  Great knowledge-boost for self-proclaimed "non-shooters"!

Follows on from CCA 1
ll of the below courses need to be completed to obtain CCA 2 OR coaches may opt to pick and choose workshops of interest to attend

Developing Physical Capacity (previously Fit For The Season) (2.5 hours) - Provides information and skills necessary to plan and implement basic performance enhancing concepts and fitness programmes with their players, teams and squad. With a NetballSmart focus, gain an understanding of smart preparation, smart warm up and cool down, smart movement, training, injury management and prevention.

Planning Annual/Tournament (previously Tournament Planning) (2.5 hours) - The purpose of this module is to provide coaches with tools and systems to understand the preparation required to attend tournaments or go on a tour. Highlights budgeting along with planning and managing information, resources and equipment requirements needed in preparation for such events to ensure effective team management. 

Game Analysis (2.5 hours) - This module involves identifying a tactical aspect of the game and developing a tool to analyse it.  Learn how to collate, summarise and reflect on information about tactical elements of a game.  Work on how to develop and how and when is best to conduct a team talk or game plan based on the information collected during analysis.

Mental Skills (2 hours) - This module allows attendees to develop an understanding of basic mental skills and identify ways of applying principles in an integrated way that will benefit player performance and enjoyment. Key focus on developing four basic mental skills aimed at facilitating improved self-confidence and performance.

Through Court (2.5 hours) - This module provides coaches with the basic tactical principles for through court play on attack and defence.  Learn how to implement tactical strategies and identify through court issues & counters with a focus on quick release and second phase ball on attack and defence.

Circle Work (2.5 hours) - This module provides insight into how to get shooters working together in the goal circle to increase scoring opportunities and circle defence working together to create turnovers.  On attack the focus is on creating space and the links with the outside feeders, while on defence the focus is on starting to work together by stopping the short sharp pass from the circle edge straight into shooter and creating intercepting options for each other.

Centre Pass (2.5 hours) - Understand the game principles that support the tactics for centre pass attack and defence taking into account all the skills required.  Learn how to implement tactical centre pass strategies on attack and defence.  Identify centre pass issues and work on counters.

Follows on from CCA 2
Attendance limited to coaches accepted onto the PCQ

Advanced Mental Skills 1
Advanced Mental Skills 2
Advanced Skills Aquisition 1
Advanced Acquisition 2
Performance Enhancing
Advanced Performance Planning
Advanced Game Analysis

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