Hello to all our friends of the NRSC - Our Club is in need of a little TLC

Particularly our bar, where a good many stories have been told

Its definitely looking all of its 37 years old

With the Rugby, the Netball and the Hockey clubs

There are over 200 athletes now using this hub

With business meetings, prizegivings, and functions galore

These wee clubrooms are used more than ever before

We play in winter and summer and in between too

Building a community through sport is what we do

Now the bar floor is a bit soft, it's a little bit squashy

Underneath is a bit smelly and a little bit mossy

The old chiller is in heart failure, and it's on it last legs

And soon we will have nowhere to put all our kegs

The wallpaper??? Hmmmmmm.. Well that's enough said

It just has to go! We’re awfully sorry about that Ted

With a little bit of love and a little bit of paint too

It could be looking real good, just like brand new

The Committee has said they can put $5000 in store

To help us paint and repair and recover the floor

It’s a good start to the project, it’s almost there

But we need help with chilling the gin and the beer

We are putting the call out, we’re asking for a hand

Because we are needing to raise another seven grand

Your donation would be much appreciated, big or small

And you will be duly acknowledged, on website and wall


You will also get a free Club Card with some discounts round town

And and invite to the re-opening of the best club bar around

Please please think about this, if for no other good reason

Than to get the beer pouring for the start of our season

Gail Dillon - $250

Daff Neil - $250