Be in the Game

Refereeing promotes a life-long love of the game.

Referees are part of a community and all about mateship.

There are pathways in place, development opportunities and refereeing is a vital part of New Zealand Rugby’s high performance programme.

Refereeing is action packed, physically and mentally challenging, and takes training and selfdiscipline to improve – just like playing the game.

BE IN THE GAME – 3 Pillars:


• Form of playing rugby

• In the action

• Teamwork, fun and exciting

• Change: “keep your boots on”, “no ref, no game”, “without a ref” To: “In the action all the time”, “teamwork, fun”, “be in the game”


• Pro referees as ambassadors

• Refereeing has a performance pathway

• Promote refereeing to a younger audience

Refereeing is rugby: 

• Physically & mentally active

• Involved in the game and action

• Part of a team