Northern Region – Representatives Rugby

10.0 Judicial Procedures

JURISDICTION For the correct procedure in requesting disciplinary proceedings to be transferred to the ‘home’ Union see Section 2 of the NZRU Rules for Disciplinary Hearings, Matches for which Provincial Unions have Jurisdiction - Rule 6.(1).PROCEDURE

 If a player is ordered off/sin binned the manager must inform their Union’s office with the player’s details before 9.00am of the Monday following.

 The Referee must fill out the ordering off form/sin bin form, completing all sections, and fax it to the referee’s HOME provincial union CEO within 48 hours.

 The CEO receiving the report merely records date/time of receipt and forwards the report to the offending player’s union.

 If the offender’s player union has not received a referee’s report by 48 hours they should make contact with the referee’s rugby union to follow it up.

 All Northern Region Provincial Union’s have agreed that Hearings for visiting players will be handled by the players home union Judicial Committee.

 The Union where the match was played, and the offence took place should advise the visiting union that they have a player/players sent off, and should be looking for a referee’s report.19

 The referee should be available by phone contact for any judicial procedures and if in the event of extreme circumstances and the referee is requested to attend, the offender’s union will be required to reimburse the referee’s travel and other expenses.

 In all cases the results of judicial hearings should be in writing and circulated to the CEO’s/Chairman and Referees Association of all participating unions involved in that particular competition in which the incident occurred.

Note: A player is suspended until they appear before the judicial committee, or receives the results from the judicial committee.