Northern Region – Representatives Rugby

8.0 Medical Support

8.1 Prior to match/tournamentIndividual Matches

 Host union must appoint a first aid trained person prior to the match and communicate the details of this person in the Visiting Team Information, prior to the match. This can be the team physiotherapist.

 The first aider must introduce themselves to the opposing team manager / physio prior to the match.

 The first aider is responsible for the management of serious injuries where an ambulance service is required.

 The first aider must be aware of NZR protocols for serious injuries and ideally experienced in dealing with emergency scenarios.

 The match cannot proceed without a trained first aider.Tournaments / Finals Day

 Where an event includes 8 or more 7’s or 15’s teams an Ambulance must also be on site even if a trained first aider is on site.

8.3 Following the match

1. Serious injury report forms and Provincial Union follow up forms are available online at Serious injury forms must be returned to the Provincial Union for injuries that meet the following criteria:

 Any head or neck injury that requires the player to be transported directly from the ground to an emergency department, hospital or after hours medical centre (both the match referee and the coach of the injured player must complete a report)

 Any injury that results in the admission of a player to hospital (the coach of the injured player must complete a report)

 Any injury that is expected to prevent a player from playing for a period of 8 weeks or longer (the coach of the injured player must complete a report)

 Death (the coach of the deceased player must complete a report)

2. Coaches and referees must complete a serious injury form for those injuries meeting the criteria as soon as possible following the injury, and in all cases within 48 hours of the injury coming to their notice.

3. Provincial Unions must forward the form to the NZR or enter it onto the Serious Injury Reporting module of the Player Management database with 24 hours of receipt.

4. In the event of a death, or if the player is hospitalised with a spinal injury or very serious head injury, call as a backup to the serious injury form to both Mike Chu (, 09 499 4224 027 8096732) at the NZR and Lisa Kingi-Bon (, 09 6237980, 0212127399) at the Rugby Foundation with the latest information on the player’s whereabouts and current situation is necessary ASAP. See the contact details at the bottom of the document.

5. If necessary, the Rugby Foundation will then arrange for counselling for the family of the injured player. If families have to be transported to the hospital (e.g. Burwood Spinal Unit) the Rugby Foundation will arrange for transportation and accommodation for family members as near to the location of the hospital as possible.

6. The NZRU has taken out two insurance policies that players can claim against.

a) The first is the All Player Insurance Policy for injuries resulting in permanent total disablement or death. The NZR pays the premium on this policy.

b) The second is the ‘voluntary’ scheme, which teams can take out. The premium for this is $550 per team (which works out to around $25 per players in each team), and covers players for a maximum of $3000 towards medical expenses, and provides assistance of up to $200 towards the first week’s wages for players who are off work as a result of their injury (ACC cover for entitlement claims that compensate for lost income does not come into play until after the first week). Please ensure all teams are aware of this policy. The schedules of benefits for each policy are attached at the end of this document.

7. If the injury is of sufficient severity that a claim against the NZR All Players Insurance Policy may result, the Rugby Foundation will send insurance claim forms to the Provincial Union. Ensure that once insurance claim forms have been received that they are completed with all the relevant information and medical back up reports and returned to the NZR Insurance Brokers with a copy to the Rugby Foundation.18

8. The Rugby Foundation will then keep a watching brief on the injured player and any requirements the family may have.

9. Support from team and club members is important so please ensure that those parties are kept abreast of all developments and arrange visits to the injured player at his/her convenience.