North Golf Assocation is split into two divisions - Harbour Golf and Golf Northland - for all represenative golf and for all inter-club competitions, such as pennants.

All golf-related decisions are made by the Committees made up of Delegatates from the clubs within the traditional Harbour and Northland catchment areas.

The 16 Harbour Clubs have formed Men's and Women's Committees as follows:

2023 Harbour Golf Men's Committee
Chair:  Joe Doherty (Helensville)
Deputy:  Ken Dixon (Wainui)

Selectors: Kevin Brewer (North Shore) - Open Grade, Wayne Flyntham (Muriwai) - Masters, Rangi Lemon (South Head) - Juniors

Match Committee:  Ken Dixon (Wainui), Joe Doherty (Helensville), David Perreau (South Head), Joonsang Chung (Redwood Park)

Head Course Rater: Rod Gavin

2023 Harbour Golf Women's Committee
Chair:  Karen Letica (Omaha Beach)
Deputy:  Wendy Storey (North Shore) 

Pennant Convenor:  Karen Letica (Omaha Beach)
9-Hole Convenor:  Diane Knott (Pupuke)
Selectors:  TBC

Head Course Rater: Janet Choi