Year 1 & 2 Mother Earth futureFERNS 

Introduces Netball to 5 - 6 year olds.

The aim is to develop fundamental movement and ball skills. The game that follows the preceding skill session is played on one third of a full sized court, by teams of four, with the emphasis on equal participation.

Modified equipment is used.

Game Rules Overview


-Played across one third of the court.

-Goalposts 2.1 metres high or hula hoops

-20 centimetre textured play ball

-Coloured bibs used


Junior Co-ordinators assist and support the players on court with direction given throughout the game, without using a whistle.

The Team

Four per team on court at any one time. Both girls and boys can play without restriction.

Start of Play

Players use Paper, Scissors, Rock to determine which team will start each half of play. Play starts with a throw-in behind the opposition’s goal line. After a goal is scored, play continues with a throw-in from the goal line.


Teams are allowed to use rolling substitutions.

Playing Areas and Offside

All players can move anywhere in the playing area so there are no offside limits.

Playing the Ball

Players are encouraged to pass or shoot within 5 seconds.


Players are encouraged to be stationary once they have received the ball. They are allowed to take additional steps to gain balance but walking with the ball should be discouraged.

Scoring a Goal

A goal may be scored by any player at their attacking end.


Players are not allowed to defend or mark the ball thrower, allowing space to pass and vision of passing options. Players can defend players awaiting passes and intercepting the ball is encouraged.


A player may not push, trip, knock, bump or hold an opponent, whether the move is deliberate or accidental. If contact does occur, the contact will be called and after a brief explanation (if required), play will continue.

Session Plans from 2017

Week 1 Balance - Video Resource: The Orchard and Weave Ball

Week 2 Passing - Video Resource: Target Ball

Week 3 Catching

Week 4 Shooting

Week 5 Dodging- Video Resource: Tails

Week 6 Pivoting- Video Resource: Spider Squash

Week 7 Jumping- Video Resource: River Jump and High Tide/Low Tide

Week 8 Take Off- Video Resource: Rats & Rabbits and Dodge & Collect

​​​​​​​Week 9 Shooting- Video Resource: Numbers Netball