Year 3 & 4 Programme

The focus for this age group is learning basic skills in a modified game of 5-a-side, using two-thirds of a Netball court. 

Mother Earth futureFERNS Year 3 & 4 is designed to be fast and fun, maximising participation.

Five players in each team and rotating positions ensures everyone gets an equal chance to develop their skills.

Game Rules Overview 


- Two thirds of a Netball court. Two marked goal circles, using one goal circle in the goal third and marking the same on the second transverse line with flat dots or chalk lines.

- Goalposts: 2.6-metres from the ground, placed at the centre point of the goal line.

- Size 4 Netball Bibs: GS, GA, C, GD, GK or A, A, C, D, D bibs can be used.


Junior coordinators and parent coaches will assist and support. Direction should be given during a game without using a whistle.

The Team

Five players per team on court at any one time. Both girls and boys can play without restriction.

Start of Play

The centre from each team will use Paper, Scissors, Rock to determine who will start with the ball at the start of every quarter. Play starts from halfway (transverse line) in the middle of the court. After a goal is scored, play restarts from halfway by the opposing team.

Session Duration

20 mins warm up and skills/games 16 min 5v5 game (2x 8 min halves)


Rolling substitutions are allowed.

Playing the Ball

Players are encouraged to pass or shoot within 5 seconds.


Players are encouraged to be stationary once they have received the ball whether landing on one or both feet.

Scoring a Goal

A goal may only be scored by the A’s or GA or GS depending on which bibs are worn.


To allow the ball thrower passing options, players must be at least 1 metre away. Contact A player may not push, trip, knock, bump or hold an opponent, either deliberately or accidentally. If contact occurs, it will be called and after a brief explanation (if required), play will continue.

Session Plans from 2017

Week 1 Balance -Video Resource: The Orchard 

Week 2 Ball Skills 

Week 3 Shooting -Video Resource: Numbers Netball

Week 4 Pivoting -Video Resource: Line Race

Week 5 Dodging -Video Resource:  Fives

Week 6 Defence -Video Resource: Shake the Shadow and Thrill

Week 7 Shooting -Video Resource: Numbers Netball and Shooting Rhythm

Week 8 Ball Skills -Video Resource: Pass and Go

​​​​​​​Week 9 Take Off -Video Resource: First There