Year 5 & 6 Programme

This programme involves playing 6 v 6 which is a fast game providing lots of touches on the ball.

The 6 v 6 game is played on a full size court with three positions on each team. Players rotate to prevent early specialisation in positions.

The emphasis is on all players getting plenty of touches of the ball and the opportunity to develop a broad skill set.

Game Rules Overview


- The court is divided into three equal thirds

– a centre third and two goal thirds

– by two transverse lines drawn parallel to the goal lines. A semi-circle with a radius of 4.9m and with its centre at the mid-point of the goal line shall be drawn in each goal third. This shall be called the goal circle.

- Goalposts: 2.6-metres from the ground, placed at the centre point of the goal line.

- Size 4 Netball

- 6v6 Bibs - 2 x A, 2 x C and 2 x D


The game will be controlled by two umpires. Each team will supply an umpire.

The Team

Year 5 and Year 5/6 Mixed Grades - Six players per team on court at any one time. Each team consists of two Centres, two Defenders and two Attacking players. Both boys and girls can play. A maximum of three boys playing on court in any position at one time.

Game Duration

Games are 4 x 8 minute quarters with an interval of 2 minutes between the first-second and third-fourth quarters. The half time interval shall be 3 minutes. Teams change ends at each interval.


Rolling substitutions can be made at any time during the game, at an interval or at any break in play. A rotational system is used by all teams to ensure all players get equal opportunities to develop their skills and experience playing equally in all positions. Specialisation isn’t recommended until players are fully grown. There is no limit to the number of substitutions which can be made by a team provided that the team does not exceed nine players.

Start of Play

One player from each team play Paper, Scissors, Rock or toss a coin to determine who start with the ball at the beginning of every quarter. The umpire shall blow the whistle to start and restart play after every goal is scored. One Centre from each team stands in the side line and can re-join play once the centre pass has been received. The Centres within each team take alternative centre passes. After a goal is scored the non-scoring team takes the centre pass.

Playing the Ball

Players must pass or shoot within 5 seconds. The ball must be touched in each third.


A player must not reground their first grounded foot.

Scoring a Goal

A goal is scored when the ball is thrown or batted over and completely through the goal by the goal shooter or goal attack from any point in the goal circle including the lines bounding the goal circle.


Players must be at least 1 metre away from the player with the ball.


A player may not push, trip, knock, bump or hold an opponent, either deliberately or accidentally. If contact occurs, a penalty pass is awarded and the offending player must stand beside and out of play when penalised.