Coaching is a thoroughly rewarding endeavour. People undertake it for numerous reasons such as to give back to their club/school, to help players develop as netballers and people, for their own self-development/achievement, and for the love of our skilled and exciting game!

There are opportunities to coach at all levels at North Otago Netball Centre. These range from Year 1 right through to representative teams such as the North Otago U19 Team.

North Otago Netball, Netball South and Netball New Zealand recognise the importance of having coaches that feel confident. The following structures are present to enable your confidence:

  • Coach workshops across the year, CLICK HERE
  • A framework that enables parents who are new to netball to grow in confidence with their children. Parents start off as a Star Helper, assisting our Junior Coordinators in running skill development and game play in our Year 1/2 Programme. In the Year 3/4 Programme you move into a coach position where you have more leadership in sessions, but still with support of the Junior Coordinators. Come ages 5/6 you have full leadership of the team, and coaching skills which have blossomed across the Year 1-4 Junior Programme


Coaching Workshops

Coaching Pathway

Coaching Resources - NNZ are currently updating their resource collection.