BTW Company Ltd have kindly sponsored a $2,000 Cash prize for a ‘Lucky Billfish’ tagged or weighed Billfish of the 2023/24 Season – drawn from all Billfish caught by Club Members in the 2023/24 Season that meet these rules.

A photo of the fish must be submitted to NPSUC to enter (either weighed on the Gantry or their Tag photo). No photo no entry

General Rules

  • There is one prize only – a Drawn prize from eligible Billfish over the Season either Tagged or weighed meeting these rules. The more qualifying fish an angler catches, the more entries they receive into the draw.
  • The angler must be a paid up 2023-2024 NPSUC Full member prior to leaving the harbour. Associate and Day members do not qualify. There is no additional entry fee for Full members.
  • A photo of the fish must be submitted to NPSUC to enter (either weighed on the Gantry or their Tag photo) – this and fish details may be used by the Club including Website, Facebook etc. No photo no entry.
  • Billfish must be caught within the NPSUC boundaries (except during NZSFC Nationals - Full NPSUC member fishing for an NPSUC Team anywhere in NZ included)
  • The Billfish must be caught under NZSFC Fishing Rules and Regulations.
  • Billfish weighed or a tag card must be presented to the NPSUC weighmaster meeting these rules (including photo (if tagged) and verified equipment).
  • Boats must leave from and return to Port Taranaki.

The Club’s decision/draw regarding the ‘Lucky Billfish’ will be final and no further discussion or correspondence will be entered into.

The prize will be presented to the winner by a BTW Company Representative, with details including photos of the winning Angler and Billfish to be posted on the club’s website and Facebook page. By receiving the prize you consent to the sharing of the Catch details including Angler within the wider community.

For tagged billfish the following additional rules apply:

  • The angler must supply the weighmaster and the club a clear photo of the billfish showing the tag, the photo must be date stamped.
  • Photos of any tagged Billfish must be forwarded to: [email protected]
  • All equipment used to catch the Billfish must be presented to an official NPSUC weighmaster to verify compliance.

For weighed billfish the following additional rules apply:

  • For clarity, Marlin and Broadbill must be a minimum weight of 90 kg’s. No minimum for Shortbill Spearfish.

Rules availble here


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