Life and Honorary Membership

Life Membership may be bestowed upon any individual who in the opinion of the Association has given outstanding service to the Association.

At the end of each season the BOM of NZDBA may decide if appropriate to award “Life Membership” to an individual that has given outstanding and/or long term commitment to the development of the sport of Dragon Boating within New Zealand.

Current Recipients of the Life Membership:

2019 - Meri Gibson (Christchurch)
2018 - Noel Anderton (Christchurch)
2017 - Shane Petley (Hamilton)

NZDBA Board Award

This award was instigated by Meri Gibson back in 2009 to acknowledge the outstanding work that Noel Anderton had been doing for NZDBA.

The criteria is based at the discretion of the BOM and Meri Gibson, and does not have to be awarded to a current Board Member, but for an outstanding contribution in that year. It also does not have to been awarded if there is no worthy recipient.

Current Recipients of the NZDBA Board Award:

2022-2023 - _________
2021-2022 - 
2020-2021 - Andrew Watson - Auckland DBA 
2019-2020 - Deb Stevenson - Auckland DBA

2018-2019 - Brooke Hargreaves - BOPDBC
2017-2018 - Gavin Ryan - Aoraki DBA
2016-2017 - Shane Petley - Waikato DBA
2015-2016 - Meri Gibson - Aoraki DBA
2014-2015 - Deb Stevenson - Auckland DBA
2013-2014 - Shane Petley - Waikato DBA
2012-2013 - Sooupu Perese - Auckland DBA
2011-2012 - Peter Mitchell - Aoraki DBA
2010-2011 - NOT PRESENTED
2009-2010 - Noel Anderton - Aoraki DBA - Inaugural Recipient