NZDBA Sub-Committees

As per the NZDBA Constitution, Sub-Committees may be formed for the purposes of pursuing any of the objects and aims of the Association and for any other purpose as the Board of Management may determine from time to time.

Nationals Organising Committee (OC) 
Taking a leaf from IDBF competition regulations, we have formed an Organising Committee to handle the responsibility of the organisation and management of Nationals. 

The 2022/2023 Committee are:
TBC - 

Previous Nationals Organising Committees
2021/2022 - Andrew Watson (Auckland), Brooke Hargreaves (Eastern Region), Deb Stevenson (Auckland), Peter Mitchell (Christchurch), Jane Fletcher (Waikato)
2020/2021 - Andrew Watson (Auckland), Brooke Hargreaves (Bay of Plenty), Deb Stevenson (Auckland), Peter Mitchell (Christchurch)
2019/2020 - Andrew Watson (Auckland), Brooke Hargreaves (Bay of Plenty), Deb Stevenson (Auckland), Peter Mitchell (Christchurch)

Race Officials Development and Accreditation (RODA) 
In 2019, the BOM tasked Noel Anderton to run a project to establish a National RODA System. The project team includes representatives from each RSO, to ensure the RODA serves the needs of the regions as well as NZDBA, Oceania DBF and IDBF.

The working group are:
Noel Anderton (Christchurch)                Chris Stone (Auckland)
Meri Gibson (Christchurch)                    Brooke Hargreaves (Bay of Plenty)
Deb Stevenson (Auckland)                     
Andrew Watson (Auckland)                    

Health & Safety Council 

The HSC provides RSOs and the NSO opportunities to share, improve and promote Health and Safety principles across regions, and with the NZDBA Board of Management. This is a newly formed council for the 2021/22 season, with great representation from each region and a diversity of knowledge and expertise

HSC ChairAndrew Watson – NZDBA Health and Safety Advisor

HSC Members: 
Cherie Prangnell – Aoraki DBA          Noel Anderton – Aoraki DBA          
Enver Yousef – CRDBA
Colleen Harris – ERDBA                   Claire Hendy – ERDBA
Amber Hall – Auckland DBA             Alisha Zanetich – Auckland DBA
Sue Hine – Taranaki Dragons           + Taranaki Dragons President

RSO Delegates 
Digital Team