I need to speak to someone. What is the best way to reach one of the Organising Committee?
Please email us: As we are all volunteers, reaching out via private messages to the individuals of the Organising Committee can feel overwhelming. By emailing, we can all keep track of enquiries and responses in one place. 

What are the cut-off dates?

Deadline for entries closes – midnight Sunday 13 February 2022
Late penalties apply for entries (if approved) or payments received after midnight Monday 28 February 2022
Deadline for crew lists closes – midnight Sunday 06 March 2022
Deadline for safety waivers closes (only 1 per Team) – midnight Sunday 13 March 2022

Can I enter more than one Standard Boat? Can I enter more than one Small Boat?
Yes! You are permitted to enter as many Standard or Small Boat crews as you like - as long as you have dedicated callers, sweeps and paddlers - as double rostering is not permitted. 

Can my sweep be on the back of our BCS Small Boat Crew, and also sweep for our Premier Womens Small Boat crew since you are running divisional heats?
No. This is considered double rostering. 

Can my paddlers/callers/sweeps from my Standard Boat be listed on our Small Boat Crew List?
Yes! You can split down from Standard Boat to Small Boat and use the same crew members. 

​​​​​​​Is it possible to have different Crew Lists for each race distance? 
Yes! For example with a Standard Boat you can list up to 26people for one crew list. Ideally you would use the same crew for 200m, 500m and 2km (to reduce the paperwork!) But you can also submit 3 individual crew lists - one crew for the 200m, a different crew for the 500m etc.

We only want to race in the 2km, is this accepted?
No. When entering a Standard Boat crew, you will be required to race the 200m, 500m and 2km races. 

Can our team hold a raffle and sell tickets at Nationals?
Selling of raffles must be approved by the Organising Committee. Please get in touch with us stating what the prizes are and what the money is being raised for.