NZDBA is building a more structured environment for Dragon Boaters. As we develop Policies and Procedures we will describe them here. A link in the list below implies that the document has been approved for publication:

  • Policies, Protocols and Procedures (our Standard Operating Procedures)
  • The NZDBA Rules of Racing
  • The NZDBA Code of Conduct
  • Training Manuals (paddler and coach)
  • Safety protocols (these are being collated from Regional material)
  • Regatta standards

See the next tab for "Constitution" and other governance documents.

NZDBAs Vision: "To encourage excellence in Dragon Boating as a fit for life sport. For anyone and everyone. More paddlers, better."

This is supported by four pillars:
Pillar 1 – High Performance. Vision: NZ Dragon Boat teams to be competitive at the International level. 
Pillar 2 – Participation. Vision: Dragon boating seen as the sport for all.
Pillar 3 – Communications and PR. Vision: All members and the wide community are informed and aware of dragon boating 
Pillar 4 - Operational Capabilities Vision: that NZDBA delivers on all it's purposes and intentions to the highest level.