How to affiliate:

Teams pay NZDBA affiliation fees via their Regional Sporting Organisation (RSO). And the RSO also pays an affiliation (Adult fee, as below).

Teams/Clubs are affiliated to their local RSO which is determined via geographical location set by the NZDBA. NZDBA retain the right to modify the geographical map from time to time where deemed necessary.

However, if they do not have an obvious RSO operating then they choose the nearest RSO and affiliate via them. Currently, NZDBA Affiliation fees are:

  • $180 (incl GST) per adult team or
  • $40 (incl GST) per School team (or U23 team).

For ease of administration, NZDBA invoices each RSO early in the season for these fees. This is for a 'bulk payment' based on how many teams were operating in the previous season.

This means the RSO can then invoice each of their teams at their leisure for the NZDBA component, plus any affiliation fee they choose to charge.