What do I get if I join the NZGWR?

Club magazine

This is published eleven times a year by the club editor with contributions from club members.   It includes articles, stories, photos, and tidbits mostly from recent rallies.  It will include  minutes  from  committee  meetings and  financial  reports  of  the  Club.    It  can  also  contain  advertising  from organizations that assist NZGWR. 


Some discounts are available to club members and include Interislander Ferry bookings and tyres.


The club has a fantastic atmosphere and you will be sharing a common bond and interest with like minded people.

Rally attendance

There are six main events in the year:-

  1. The South Island Rally
  2. The North Island Rally
  3. The Mid Winger Rally
  4. The Wing in Spring
  5. F Troop (a five day tour)
  6. The AGM

The AGM is held on the third Saturday in November and is always preceeded by F Troop.

There are also BOM (beginning on month) and EOM (end of month) rides organised locally.  They are organised by club members and open to friends on bikes of all kinds.  See "Local Contacts" in the "About the club" tab for more details.


Rallies and events provide opportunities to share knowledge about Goldwing riding and maintenance.  The club member network is a valuable resource for everything Goldwing.

. . . . and of course to have fun

Anyone joining the New Zealand Goldwing Riders becomes part of our "family".   From the founding life members to the recently joined everyone is welcomed and accepted regardless of age, occupation or history.  It's just really good fun to get together, enjoy each other's company, enjoy our bikes and ride the roads safely together.

​​​​​​​Photos on this page by Jenny Logan​​​​​​​