The whole idea of a GROUP ride is to:-

leave together ride together arrive together

 - s a f e l y​​

For those of you who are new to GROUP RIDING here are some suggestions to make your ride more enjoyable.

  • Be at the designated start venue ON TIME. Nothing worse than some bikes arriving during the ride briefing.  Make sure you have a FULL TANK before the start of the ride.

  • Ensure your bike is in Good mechanical condition for the ride and have a current WOF and Registration.

  • Be ready to ride with the Group – a 5 minute start up call will be advised. Don’t muck around and hold up the start.

  • The designated Road Captain or Ride Leader leads the group and should not be overtaken.

  • We ride in a Staggered Formation, not side by side. Except on winding and narrow roads, where we ride single file. Leave plenty of space between riders. It is preferred that you stay in the same position within the group until the next stop. (If you feel you must change positions within the group do so by dropping back one or two places, as dropping back is safer than trying to move up the group).
  • It is strongly advised that everyone fills up when the group stops for fuel even if you still have fuel left.

  • Stay within your skill level, the slowest pace is at the front of the group.
  • If you get held up getting through traffic try to close the gap as soon as it's safe to so. This will keep the group together. If you have a problem with the pace see the ride leader at the next stop.

  • If a rider has an issue with any other rider while on the ride the following steps should be taken:

  1. Find another position for yourself as in paragraph 5.
  2. Speak directly to the other rider outlining the problem and seek a resolution.
  3. If either of the above two options do not resolve the problem, approach the Road Captain advising him of the problem as you see it.
  4. Both Road Captain and yourself approach the other rider, to sort out a resolution – e.g. Change of place in the group, greater distance between bikes.

S a f e  r i d i n g