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NNZ announces technology solution for community game

Netball New Zealand has announced sports management platform Sporty as the official solution for member and competition management for the community game of netball.

Sporty is provided by Sportsground Limited and includes ‘SuperForms’ online registrations, ‘SuperCRM’ member management, website content management system, ‘SKED’ competition management system and a NNZ Game Day App for scoring games. The various solutions are components of a single integrated sports administration platform.

Sporty is already the most popular choice with Netball Centres, with almost 80% of all 83 Centres already using components of the platform. The new agreement removes direct costs from Netball Centres, with NNZ centrally funding the solution.

“Any system that was put in place needed to be fit for purpose in the community, and for us this is Sporty,” Netball NZ chief executive Jennie Wyllie said.

“Netball NZ engaged external experts to identify the right solution and Sporty was the recommended system of choice,” she said.

The Sporty platform will allow Netball Centres, clubs and schools to complete their core administration functions online on a common platform, removing manual tasks and double handling, while reducing the workload of staff and volunteers at all levels of the game.

Mike Purchas, CEO of Sportsground Limited, stated “The leadership shown by Netball NZ will be transformational for the community game of netball.”

“Sports administrators deserve all the support they can get. This removes costs for Netball Centres and Netball Zones and also delivers the benefits of scale with everyone being on a common platform,” Purchas said.

2022 is being treated as a transitional year. Netball Centres can adopt additional components of the Sporty platform in 2022, subject to the practicality of delivery timing. The intention is that all Centres can use Sporty technology to meet their needs from 2023 onwards.

The strengthened relationship between Netball NZ and Sportsground Ltd is also expected to bring other future benefits to the sport.

“Technology doesn’t stand still and since Sporty is already the preferred platform for most other major sports codes in New Zealand, our ongoing investment benefits everyone collectively,” Purchas stated.

“This is huge news for Netball in New Zealand and we’re proud of our role in this.”

“There is an overwhelming amount of excellent feedback from the Netball Centres already using solutions from Sporty,” said Wyllie.

“We look forward to the entire netball community now having free access to technology that helps administrators manage the sport we love,” she said.