A Harbour Secondary School Sport initiative is enabling students by setting up their own in-school social sport leagues for the past two years as part of a KiwiSport funded project led by the Harbour Student Sports Council. The project is student led with support provided from the sports department of the schools participating. The ‘Stay n’ Play’ project and Westlake Boys High School – Social Football League (BPL) have provided insights for the development of this intra-school sport project.

The aim of this project is for the student sports council representatives to lead and create their own opportunities to encourage more students to play sport at their school. They have been tasked with engaging new participants by either introducing a new sport or modified version of the sport while making it a fun and social environment. The student sports council representatives have been able to develop valuable leadership skills while managing the delivery of their project.

Albany Senior High School’s (ASHS) student sports council wanted to encourage more students to play sport at their school. Their aim was to increase participation using the sport of basketball as this was a growing sport at the school. Over the course of three weeks they ran a 3x3 basketball league (two sessions a week) and had a total of 18 teams entered. The teaching staff also joined in and entered two teams in the league. The organisation of the league was done entirely by the student sports council and current basketball players assisted with referring the games. Each team was required to have at least one new participant to sport at the school and the rules were modified to include a points scoring system whereby new players gained 3 points, sports players gain 2 points and basketball players gained 1 point per basket. Since this initial project started, the students at ASHS have gone on to establish their Sports Committee Friday Lunchtime Sport league and use modified/new sports such as Fast5 Netball and Futsal to get more students at their school participating in sport. A new outdoor basketball hoop was also purchased as a result of this project to allow students to play basketball before/after school and at lunchtimes which has been a popular addition to the courtyard outside the sports department office.

The student sport leaders from the following schools have shared how they have set up and run their in-school leagues:

  • Albany Senior High School – Sports Committee Friday Lunchtime Sport
  • Takapuna Grammar School – Friday Active Programme
  • Westlake Boys High School – Social Football League (BPL)

(Videos can be found on the Harbour Sport website https://harboursport.co.nz/project/harbour-secondary-schools-intra-school-sport/ )

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