2-5 OCTOBER, 2022


Re-engaging teachers in the joy & value of sport


Important information you need to know


School Sport NZ, University and Tertiary Sport NZ and the Event Manager of the New Zealand Teachers Games shall have absolute authority on the interpretation of these regulations.


All employees of a Ministry of Education registered Early Childhood, Primary, Intemediate or Secondary school along with employees of all Tertiary Education Organisations (TEO) may compete in the New Zealand Teachers Games. For clarity, any participant must be on the payroll of a MOE registered school or a TEO.

Eligibility is subject to the participants reading these regulations and acknowledging their understanding and acceptance of them during the registration process.
Individuals, or teams with individuals, identified as being ineligible will be disqualified from the competition. 


Registration and event entry can only be completed via this website. (Registrations are not complete until payments are confirmed).

Registrations and entries will be accepted following the official launch of the event and will close at midnight on Wednesday, 14th September 2022.

Individuals who have not completed their registration (including payment of the required registration fee) by midnight Wednesday, 14th September 2022 will be ineligible to participate. Partially completed registrations will be deleted without further correspondence.

Teams with less than the specified minimum number of participants who have completed the entry process for that sport (including payment of entry fees) will be automatically removed from the Games. Members of an incomplete team who had completed their sport entry will be advised by email of the team’s withdrawal and their sport entry fee will be refunded in full.

​​​​​​​Some sports may accept late entries up to check in day, however this will be at the discretion of the Organising Committee. Events with less than the minimum number of entries required to be viable will be cancelled.


Payment of all fees shall be by credit card or internet banking via the secure website unless prior arrangements are made directly with the NZTG Event Manager. 

Individual Sport Fee - variable according to the sport

A sport fee is applicable to each sport. A participant may compete in as many sports as they wish, subject to scheduling and available places, paying the appropriate fee for each sport.


  • Age is determined as at the time of competing in the Games
  • Females will compete against females, and vice versa, unless it is declared a mixed/open gender event
  • Team members must play in at least one preliminary game to be eligible for finals


A disciplinary committee for the New Zealand Teachers Games will be established prior to the start of the Games. The disciplinary committee may counsel or reprimand a competitor/team or may expel or suspend a competitor's/team's involvement in the Games.

This includes members who:

(a)   Have refused or neglected to comply with the rules of the Games or specific sports;

(b)   Have been found guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Games.

(c)   Are deemed to be ineligible to compete.


1.  In the first instance all protests/disputes are to be made to the senior umpire/referee officiating at the time of the protest/dispute.

2.  If the umpire/referee cannot resolve the matter the, Coordinator of the sport is notified. The Coordinator of the sport will seek to resolve the matter at the venue at the time.

3.  If the protest/dispute cannot be resolved by the Coordinator of the sport, the competition will be allowed to proceed under protest/dispute.

4.  If a competitor wishes to lodge a written protest/dispute a $20 fee must accompany the written protest/dispute.

5.  The protest/dispute must be submitted in writing, addressed to the Event Manager, New Zealand Teachers Games, and lodged at the Games Registration Headquarters within 4 hours of the initial protest/dispute.

6.  The Event Manager of the New Zealand Teachers Games will convene the Protests/Disputes Committee at the earliest possible opportunity.

7.  The competitor/team captain lodging the dispute shall be entitled to present their case in person to the Committee.

8.  The Committee may invite other persons to attend in person or seek input via telephone. No other person shall be entitled to attend unless invited by the Committee.

9.  If the presentation of medals is affected by the possible results of a protest/dispute, the awards shall be withheld pending the Protests/Disputes Committee's decision.

10.  The Protest/Disputes Committee decision shall be final.


Gold, silver and bronze medals will be provided for each event. 

Medal presentations will normally be made at the conclusion of the final of each event. Those who do not attend medal presentation ceremonies must arrange delivery of the appropriate medal through the Event Manager.


Any sport or event may be cancelled by mutual agreement between the Games Manager and the respective Coordinator of the sport. The Games Organising Committee will initiate steps to notify all affected entrants and appropriate adjustment to entry fees will be effected.

All sports will have a minimum entry level to ensure a competition for medals and to achieve viability of the event. Some sports may set a maximum number of participants due to the venue/time limitations. If a registration is received after the maximum number of participants has been reached the competitor is entitled to a full refund of the sport fee for that sport.  


Refunds will not be available for any participant who withdraws their entry after September 14th 2022.

The Registration fee is non refundable unless all of a participant's selected events are withdrawn.

Sport fees will only be refunded in special circumstances. In general sports fees will not be refunded for weather related cancellations. 

Eligibility for any refunds will be determined by the Event Manager.


The Organising Committee reserve the right to alter the venues, times, or event programming. Every attempt will be made to notify any changes to an affected competitor and all such changes will be placed on the NZTG Facebook page.


Officials and Coordinators make these Games possible - please treat them with the utmost courtesy at all times. 


Volunteers are integral to the smooth running of the New Zealand Teachers Games - their assistance is crucial. Please treat the volunteers with the utmost courtesy at all times and thank them for their contribution. Volunteers will be identifiable by their Games volunteer shirt.