Club History

From an article published in the Taradale Jubilee booklet 1886-1936.
Omarunui Bowling Club

“ The old and favourite game of bowls is most popular, and the township can pride itself on possessing an excellent green where local trundlers can enjoy a most pleasant pastime. Set in delightful surroundings in Lee Rd, the full sized green compares very favourably with other  greens in the Hawkes Bay Centre.
The establishment of this green and erection of a commodious, and well equipped pavilion was pioneered by the late Mr. R.D. Kelly, later the president of the H.B. Centre, and Messrs. C.H. Williams. John Ellis, W.G. Jarvis and J.Williamson. The Omarunui Bowling Club was formed after an initial meeting which was held in April 1927.
The meeting was called to discuss the forming of a Bowling Club, on the present site at Lee road.               
A section was purchased, and within a few months a 3 rink green was put down, and played on during the 1928/29 season.
The  commencement of the 1929/30 season was the occasion of the opening of the new pavilion, and the present full sized green was played on for the first time. The small green was the handed over to the Croquet Club, and this in turn has during this last year, been replaced with a full sized green
The Club was registered as an incorporated society on 12th March 1929, and has been presided over in subsequent years first by  the late Mr. R.D. Kelly, then by Mr. John Ellis, followed by Messrs. J. Williamson and G.R.Drew, while Mr. T.B. McDonald is the Clubs present popular president, and Mr. J.A. Wilkinson the present secretary. The late Mr. Philip Dobel became the Clubs first Patron, and continued in that position until his death. Although the membership has varied, and has never been in excess of 30, the standard of play can be gauged by the fact that a fair amount of success has been met within district competitions. With the advent of a number of young players, a bright future appears to be in store for Omarunui Bowling Club.”