Orokohanga Music Trust - About Us


Our Vision

Our vision is based on our belief that through formal music training from a young age children are offered the opportunity to further their own self belief, self discipline and develop lifelong love of music. Playing music well with a group of friends can create a special kind of magic.

We believe that our music programme offers a powerful tool for social change in communities who would not otherwise be given this opportunity.  Through the empowerment of a large group of children we seek in turn to empower their community.

Our vision is to provide 5 years of free music tuition for primary and intermediate school pupils.  Currently our programme is open to students at Hastings Central and Ebbett Park Schools, from middle school (Year 3 or Year 4) onwards. We also teach students at contributing schools Hastings and Heretaunga Intermediates.

This will lead to the students moving into high school and the government subsidised secondary school itinerant music tuition programme.

Our tutors are some of the best in the region.  Each child has a quality instrument, bow and case.  We believe that all children deserve to learn from skilled tutors using quality instruments.  Many  instruments have been donated by kind supporters from around our community.  All are repaired and maintained to ensure each child has a quality instrument to learn on.


For a number of years, Ngaire Shand, a long-time Hawkes Bay music educator, has harboured the desire to develop a free string (violin and cello) instrumental programme for students in the community who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn an instrument. Her vision was based not just on sharing her love of music, but on the enrichment such a programme could provide to the entire community.

In 2015, after much discussion and sharing of her vision, Ngaire gathered together a group of like-minded educators and community members and the Orokohanga Music Trust was founded.​​​​​​​

Whilst professional instrumental teachers are employed to teach the classes, Orokohanga Music Trust relies on the generosity and support of our trustees, donors, supporters and friends.  Through both financial support and donations of instruments, we are able to provide a complete cello or violin outfit for each child to play and enjoy. The instruments are maintained by and remain the property of the trust, and as the child grows, they are upgraded onto the next size instrument.

The schools and whanau report a hugely positive impact on the children and the community as a result.  

Our first public concert was held in May 2017 in the Hastings Opera House plaza and was a great success. Recently, over 200 children performed to a full audience at Toi Toi in the Hastings Opera House.

Orokohanga Music Trust is going from strength to strength thanks to the hard work and wonderful attitude of our pupils, ongoing enthusiasm of our trustees and friends, kindness of our many generous sponsors, the professionalism of our teachers, generosity, enthusiasm and support of the schools and the love and support of the children’s whanau.