"Suzanne Stephens" Junior Girls Tournament

Suzanne is a Life Member of Onehunga Mangere United and has been a tireless worker to make sure the club has been able to continue running smoothly.  Her dedication to the club, her quiet demeanour and her amazing administration skills mean that it is more than appropriate that this tournament be named in her honour.

We have seen a tremendous growth in the number of junior girls’ teams at our club. We want to provide the opportunity for junior girls teams from all clubs to participate in a fun tournament day, building on the success of our annual Digger Douglas tournaments.  The day is well organised and full facilities are available on site including canteen and BBQ food. 

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9th and 10th Grade https://www.sporty.co.nz/viewform/290368Girls      Date  SUNDAY 7th July 2024

Onehunga-Mangere Junior Tournament 
c/- Suzanne Waddell
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