No Pay No Play - No Exceptions

In 2021 payment will be required PRIOR to Trials. Payment must be made online (either by debit or credit card) for registrations to process.  If you wish to pay by cash or cheque your son needs to go into the School Office and make the payment then he will be given a receipt along with details for contacting Mr Lala for further registration detail ([email protected]).  Please note: the student is not registered for the sport until we receive the completed form and payment.   

We appreciate that a student's situation or interests may change, resulting in a new enrolment or even reimbursement.  If this happens, the situation can easily be accommodated by contacting the Sports Department.  The registration forms which indicate expressions of interest do not require payment now, all others do.

Some sports require further information in order to organise trials or make team selections.  Should this be the case you will be contacted by email once the registration process is complete.​​​​​​​  If your son is selected for a premier team it is likely he will incur additional costs for participation in tournaments and traditionals throughout the year.  The Sports Department or Teacher in Charge can give further information on these costs. 

It is not our intention to prohibit boys playing sport because of financial concerns. anyone with an issue in this regard should contact the Sports Department, the TIC or the Dean and we will work on a case by case basis to ensure a positive outcome.