Croquet is a sport suitable for ages 9 - 90 plus, with variations of the game to suit everyone.

Croquet is played on lawns (we have four beautifully manicured lawns) in a style of snooker or billiards on grass with tactical similarities to chess and stoke-making similarities to golf.

The game encompasses two main codes: the traditional Association Croquet – the original and more creative version of the game – and the very popular Golf Croquet – a more relaxed and social version of the game. Both offer tactical challenges for players of all levels and is based on a handicapping system not unlike golf. See 'Club Days' for full details.

Our season runs from early September to the beginning of May the next year - play is also availble during the Winter months, weather permitting.

Register your interest today: by completing the Membership Nomination form on the next tab, or
by calling 09 420 4157 or 09 426 3506 and leave a message with your name and phone number.

The present subscription is NZ$284 per member per season including CNZ and ACA levies.
New members can join after a free-of-charge trial period.
Over and above the season's subsrciption, a $2.00 per day per person fee applies to all players on Club days and must be paid on reporting - coins are appreciated and sorry, no IOU's

The only equipment required is a mallet.

  • Club mallets are available for new members to borrow for up to six months, after which you would be expected to purchase your own mallet
  • New mallets can cost from $50 but generally cost approx. $250 - $300, and these can be obtained from a variety of suppliers. We also recommend you speak to your coach for guidance.

All other equipment is supplied.

Clothing / Footwear
Players are required to wear flat shoes.
Club polo shirts, vests, sweatshirts and jackets are available for purchase and casual / comfortable clothing is always recommended.

This is provided initially free of charge by arrangement, followed by scheduled coaching sessions. One-on-one coaching is also available.

  • For your three free 'Introductory' lessons please contact Julie Parry on 09 950 8314
  • Our qualified coach is Pixie Jones and she can be contacted on 09 425 8520.
  • Full coaching is available for the two codes -  Association Croquet and Golf Croquet